How do we do it? 

We analyze your model remotely, track down any bottlenecks and provide suggestions on how to modify the DAX formulas and/or the data model in order to achieve optimal performance. In addition to addressing the problems that you voice out, we use to recommend other improvements that we spot based on our experience. We go far beyond basic reports and KPIs and recommend the ones that will create a more insightful picture.

At the concept design stage, we examine the existing reporting and analytical systems, business processes, KPIs, and conduct interviews with executives, middle managers and analysts to explore business objectives, understand business needs and identify the existing problems.


Typical problems we solve:

  • Low user adoption.
  • Huge and growing backlogs of needs.
  • Data quality issues.
  • Low performance of the existing solution.
  • Security issues.
  • Low value for a particular user group (C-suite, middle management, team leads and senior specialists, analysts).

Based on the findings, we design your individual Power BI improvement roadmap, discuss it with all the stakeholders and get the approval from a project sponsor.

Implementation of improvements

We are ready to take on the implementation of the recommended improvements, as we are equally experienced in Power BI implementation. In this case, we introduce the technical changes in 2-8 week-long iterations that may cover changes in KPIs and reporting, data quality improvements, and BI solution modifications. 

We also conduct training so that the users are well-informed of the newly implemented features and are their confident users. At the same time, we respect your choice if you decide to commission a third-party vendor to introduce the technical changes. In this case, we may closely collaborate with you and the vendor to ensure that all the recommended improvements have found their way to your Power BI solution.

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