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Announcing general availability of automatic aggregations


Today, we are excited to announce General Availability (GA) of automatic aggregations, along with several important improvements. By using automatic aggregations in Power BI Premium, you can unlock cloud-scale data volumes for interactive analysis. Automatic aggregations import data into the dataset only at the aggregated level while leaving the detail data at the source to minimize data duplication. In this way, most BI queries can benefit from Power BI’s blazing fast query performance in import mode, while occasional detail queries can still work transparently against the data source in DirectQuery mode.

Composite models on SQL Server Analysis Services


SQL Server 2022 Analysis Services will support composite models and it is now ready for you to try out with the CTP2 that has just launched. After you install this CTP for SQL Server 2022 on a server, tabular models are hosted on that server can now be used to create a composite model with.

Democratize enterprise analytics with Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Build represents the ultimate developer event. A hundred thousand developers from across the world gather for three days with their peers to learn, engage, and collaborate on the latest innovations and tools from Microsoft.

Announcing public preview of datamart in Power BI


Announcing public preview of datamart in Power BI, a new Power BI Premium self-service capability that enables users to uncover actionable insights through their own independent and dependent data sets. For the first time ever, we are empowering everyone with the right-sized ability to build datamarts that can be succinctly and centrally governed and managed for workloads up to a terabyte. This new out-of-the-box Power BI capability effortlessly brings turnkey data warehousing to millions of Power BI users, alleviates demands on IT and accelerates time to insights from months to minutes.